Anato seeds

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Anato seeds

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Ground annatto seeds ,often mixed with other seeds or spices, are used in form of paste or powder for culinary use, especially in latin american,jamaican,chamarro,and filipino cuisines. Many latin american cuisines traditionally use annatto in recipes of spanish origin that originally call for saffron,for example,in arroz con pollo,to give the rice a yellow colour.In Venezuela,annatto is used in the preparation of hallacas,perico, and other traditional dishes.Annatto seeds are also a component of some local sauces and condiments,such as recado rojo in yucatan and sazon in puerto rico.Annatto paste is an important ingredient of cochinata pibil,the spicy porc dish popular in Mexico.It is also a key ingredient in the drink tascalate from chiapas,Mexico.

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